Vanguard Direct In the Top Ten Nationwide

Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA) released their 2010 annual list of the top distributors in America. Vanguard Direct is ranked 8th nationwide. This puts us at the top in the Northeast and the New York City area.
In a sign that Vanguard Direct is leading the new direction of our industry, we are listed #2 in the Top Marketing Service Sellers and #2 in the Top Tech Service Sellers. With validated expertise in areas that can affect your bottom line, Vanguard Direct stands ready to Take Charge and provide solutions for you.
The Print Services & Distribution Association is an international organization of print distributors, trade printers and suppliers working together to ensure that end users receive the products and services they need to succeed. It is the mission of both Vanguard Direct and PSDA to stay ahead of relevant industry trends to better provide our members with the resources they need to thrive in
the changing marketplace.

What industry trends are you paying attention to to stay ahead of the
curve in 2011?


One response to “Vanguard Direct In the Top Ten Nationwide

  1. I like how the team handled this post. It’s short yet relevant .

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