How to reinvent your brand?

The challenges of the past few years have influenced many brands to make changes themselves. Smart move, as avoiding the much-needed change because of fear or laziness, could add to brands’ disaster.

Of course, change is always a risk; but aren’t many other things we go through in our lives also considered a risk? Moving to another city, choosing a career, finding a partner…rebranding falls just about in the same category.

If you really want to change your brand, make sure that you have a concept and strategy behind it, not to mention a reason, which could fall under:

  • Your values have changed.
  • You have a crisis.
  • You are the leader but you look like the underdog.
  • You’re looking old, not classic.

There are few steps a company should follow when considering re-branding:

  • Ban “design by committee.”
  • Do smart research.
  • Test new designs against new positioning.
  • Make sure that your product is good.
  • Anticipate roadblocks that can derail the process and deal with them ahead of time.
  • Measure success by measuring brand relevance and sales.

For more detailed explanation refer to the link below.

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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