Are you on the ball?

If you received the email with the bouncing beach ball, post your comment here. While you’re here, check out some of the articles posted and join the conversation!


9 responses to “Are you on the ball?

  1. Great video! I think I might know like….one guy on there. John Mehl I think his name is. I think his pic shows up when the video first pops up. Anyone else know him? People think he’s a righteous dude! (Ferris Bueller quote for those who don’t know the line. Lol.)
    Anyway….video was really cool. Thanks for the info!

  2. Good Morning Debra,

    Thanks for the reply! We caught both your comments in Spam and posted only the first.

    Look for your beach ball in the mail!

    Kind Regards,
    Mary Lamberti

  3. Upbeat and fun! Now can I get a beach ball for my dog? Hey Stephanie, where you the blond woman with long hair? Your company definitely has it together.

    • Stephanie Huston

      Hi Bonnie! Welcome to Utterly Orange, and thanks for your comment 🙂 Our team has been working hard on this blog! My starring role is: “A place for us to bounce ideas off one another.”
      Enjoy the beach ball!
      Stephanie Huston

  4. I really like the video. Catchy and grabbed my attention.

  5. Great introduction! Cute, light video and even better site here.

  6. doreen huston

    Great idea to get people tothe blog… like how VG is social networking. Are you on Facebook? i would LIKE it if you are…

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