What Do Consumers Want From Brands Online?

In order to gain a competitive advantage, many forward-thinking companies have established a social media presence. Social media marketing definitely adds to a company’s positive image, helps to make a stronger consumer connection, and encourages consumers to engage. Social media marketing has been a success for companies that listen to consumers and actually give them what they want and need.

What is it that customers really want from brands online?

Are people willing to engage more if incentives––such as free products, coupons, or discounts––are offered, or are they interested in problem solving and brand information?

According to the Ad Age article cited below, what consumers most want from brands online are:

• Coupons (65%)
• Better customer service (42%)
• Games or other entertainment (28%)
• Company news (22%)
• None (19%)
• Other (7%)

In order to succeed in attracting social media fans and followers to the brand and retaining them: don’t act irresponsibly, don’t send spam and/or too many messages, don’t post irrelevant content, make sure to respond to comments and/or concerns, and don’t delete negative comments.

Whatever the social marketing offer, it has to be meaningful to the target audience and add value to people’s lives. Be clear, concise, personable, honest, and real!

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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