Fuze Launches First TV Campaign

The juice brand Fuze, acquired by Coca-Cola in 2007, has been growing steadily. After readying its first TV commercial and creating the “It’s Better When You Mix Things Up” campaign, Fuze is definitely looking forward to its next phase of growth.

Fuze has stepped into the game of reinvention. After nine months of meeting with consumers and doing quantitative research, it has decided to change its juice drink experience with a line of flavored beverages. The new drinks are a mix of various fruity flavors and nutritional ingredients—as Fuze says, it’s better when you mix things up. The new and improved Fuze is now available in twelve flavors, each packed with antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E.

“To complement the exciting updates we’ve made inside the bottle, we’re thrilled to show consumers something fun, quirky and totally different in our groundbreaking television spots…’cause everything is more interesting when you mix it up!” said Ilan Sobel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Glaceau, the branch of Coca-Cola that includes Fuze.

The campaign consists of two television commercials, billboards, print, digital, retail, mobile, and social media elements. It shows cute little characters that transform ordinary scenarios into something better when they come together. And the fun part is that in order to present viewers with a different look at Fuze and to give the characters an original sense of movement, the two commercials were filmed entirely upside down and in live action! During post-production, the images were flipped back using computer-generated effects, creating a playful look.

Check it out:

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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