Does Pringles Need Re-branding?

What is a brand? A brand is a compilation of emotional and psychological attributes that solidly persuade purchase. Strong brands bring forth thoughts, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from customers. A brand’s value lives inside consumers’ minds and helps them recognize products/services that guarantee specific benefits: performance, quality, price, status, purpose, etc. With that said, does Pringles need rebranding?

Pringles was sold to Diamond Foods recently, and according to brand and marketing gurus, it needs a complete image overhaul. “You can be polite and call it a classic brand, but the consumer sees Pringles as being old,” says Robert Passikoff, founder of the Brand Keys consulting firm. Consumer perception of Pringles has been flat for five years, according to its brand index gathered from consumer surveys.

What should Pringles’s new positioning be? Maybe . . . the fact that Pringles are not potato chips. They don’t include enough potatoes to legally qualify as potato chips or any kind of potato snack because they’re just 42% potatoes—not enough to be called a potato anything.

According to the USA Today article linked to below, marketing experts have the following suggestions for re-branding Pringles:

•Think entertainment.
•Fix the recipe.
•Add functional benefits.
•Tweak social media.
•Extend the brand.
•Update the marketing.
•Improve the texture.
•Kill the character.

With a possible new, fresh, and “2011” look, will Pringles tempt you, or will you choose Kettle chips? Let’s see!

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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