7 Steps to a Better Business Blog

Blogs are websites that can be updated quickly, easily, and often. They have replaced many static websites, for good reasons.

Blogging has become a must in today’s social media marketing. There are many reasons: blogging brings new ideas to the public, allows freedom of speech, enables different perspectives to be heard, and facilitates communication. The blog is significant because it is a low-cost medium that delivers valuable information on a regular basis. Most important, blogging is a way to get the attention of the online community and communicate with it.

HubSpot’s blog (link below) explains how to take a business blog to the next level:

  • Write Short and Clear Headlines
  • Include Several Headers Per Post
  • Get Rid of Wasteful Words
  • Include a Contextual Image
  • Set Expectations With Headlines
  • Turn Comments Into an Extension of the Post
  • Use Calls to Action to Continue Education

If you don’t have a blog yet, are you convinced you should have one?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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