Google I/O Brings ­Market-Changing Potential

Google’s annual developer conference, dubbed “Google I/O,” was held inSan Franciscoon May 10 and 11. After two days of Google goodness, Google bestowed upon the market several potential game changers that should be on the radar of any tech-savvy person.

Android NFC, aka 0-Click

Near field communication (NFC) is coming to an Android device near you with the upcoming release of Google’s new operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, and with it will come the ability to share contacts, websites, and applications (just to start) with other Android devices without a single click. (Check out this video of the Google NFC demos from the keynote address.)

Android + Lightbulbs = Android at Home (Translation: Amazing Home Automation)

Android’s new 900 Mghz home automation capabilities will let the user open the garage door, turn on the living room light, and control electric devices remotely––all from the power of his or her Android-powered handset.

Google Music (Beta)

This cloud-based music-streaming application basically works like a cloud version of your personal music library, but the lack of record label sign-on may limit the product’s initial success.

Chrome OS Laptop + Desktop

Samsung and Acer threw their hats into the ring on day 2 of the Google I/O keynote lovefest by introducing their Chrome OS–running laptops (the Samsung model will be available June 15!) and hinting at desktop versions to come. (Check out the hands-on from Wired for more details on the hardware.) If properly adopted in the right markets, the Samsung laptop will likely be a long-term contender. Google also clearly stated that Chrome is not planned as a tablet-based OS.

Change is good, especially in technology, where the Windows and Mac OS wars are getting old. With its new perspective on user interface and device design, Google just may push the market forward. Google may not win over market share and topple the big competition, but at least it’s pushing for market innovation.

Author: John Carew


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