Ask the Vanguard Direct Production Experts: What Are the Best Questions to Ask When Starting a Project?

We are proud of our excellent production staff here at Vanguard Direct. With over 400 years of production and project management experience between all of us, we have seen almost every kind of production job out there. We strive to be consultants to our clients; we work together in teams with a variety of specialties to make sure every aspect of the job is covered and double-checked. Our Total Quality Management continuing education program for employees ensures we all stay on top of marketing trends and the new communication solutions that are being developed daily.

We asked our production and promotional department experts: What are the best questions to ask when starting a project?

“What is your budget?”
Cari Frederico, Senior Production Coordinator

“When do you need it? What is it being used for? Did you consider a personalized digital or electronic option?”
Tom Caska, Director of Commercial Production

“When do you expect to have all the materials you need delivered? We can then build a timeline to meet the expectation. What is the budget to complete this project? That will determine the quality and quantity of what we can do.”
– Diane Waldman, Senior Client Services Manager

“What are the objectives and impact requirements of the project, and what levels of your selected audience do you want to capture based on your message and/or branding? Naturally, there are short and long answers to this question, but a few short answers will help target goals immediately and snapshot desired results, time frames, and budget. We can then develop a more in-depth strategy, whether it’s executing a postcard mailing or a full-blown, multichannel campaign utilizing marketing vehicles such as email blasts, social media avenues, and mobile devices combined with traditional print, radio, or TV.”
– Jack Dash, Senior Client Services Manager

“What is the ultimate objective of this project?” (if not immediately evident)
Production Coordinator

“Who is the audience?”
– Doreen Doyle, Senior Client Services Manager


Do you have any questions that you would like us to ask any of our departments (Production/Promotional/Technology/Creative)? Let us know, and we may feature your question in an upcoming post!

Authors: Stephanie Huston & Dustin Hill


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