Senior Designer Gia Lam’s “Mad Men”-Inspired Pitching Techniques

Our senior designer Gia Lam presented “‘Mad Men’-Inspired Pitching Techniques” this past week at Vanguard Direct NYC. Gia knocked all of her presentations out of the park! At Vanguard Direct, employee continuing education is an essential part of our growth, and Gia Lam is a perfect example of an employee stepping up to further educate both herself and her fellow employees. Gia presented three times on this topic over the course of two days, and it was a great learning experience for all. Below, Gia explains why she chose to do this presentation and shares her top tips on presenting.

Gia Lam’s “Mad Men”-Inspired Pitching Techniques

Let me start off with a confession. I always thought my pitching style was good enough. I presented creative concepts just how I used to in design school: show your designs and talk about the process behind it. Then this TV show called “Mad Men” came around, and I realized, boy, was I doing it all wrong!

On the show, no matter how much chaos there was, when it was time to pitch, the whole office teamed up to hit a grand slam. The pitch was sacred, more a “production” then a presentation. Almost like a ritual.

I learned that pitching is an art! From then on, I planned, crafted, rehearsed, and performed my “productions.” I had to be a teacher, lawyer, and––most of all––a salesperson. Because the goal of a pitch is not only to sell the concepts, but also to sell your company––after all, a good idea is only great when it is paid for!

Gia Lam’s Top 11 “Mad Men”-Inspired Pitching Techniques

  1. Use visuals
  2. Talk common language
  3. Add interactivity
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Dress to impress
  6. Create drama
  7. Define the problem
  8. Ta-da! moment
  9. It’s all about teamwork
  10. Show your homework
  11. Perfect your closing statement (close like a lawyer)

Bonus Tip:
12. Rehearse in front of a mirror, with a smile 🙂

Author: Stephanie Huston


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