The Age of the Customer

Are you in need of better positioning within the marketplace?

Serving customers is the key. As complicated as it seems, you simply need to listen to what consumers have to say. It’s a way to survive and gain competitive advantage. According to business researcher Josh Bernoff: “A customer-obsessed company focuses its strategy, its energy, and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of and engagement with customers, and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.”

For better positioning within the marketplace, you might want to consider the following ideas:

Change the way you do research. Listen to social media and explore customers’ unstated needs.
Change the way you do service. Create a widespread, cross-channel customer experience program.
Change the way you do sales. Pay attention to connecting directly with end consumers.
Change your advertising. Spend it on interactive content, online programs, and mobile apps that build relations and trust among customers.

Basically, listen to the consumer, and you will be at the center of your competitive strategy.

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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