Social Media is Not a Strategy

I’m sure you’ve heard the following question a lot: what is social media? And I am sure that by now you have a solid understanding of what it is—a platform where people can connect, congregate and work together through multi-social interactions.

Many marketers have changed their marketing communication plan by adding social media to their communication path. However, many marketers have made and still make mistakes in thinking that being present on social media is enough. Then there is that other group of marketers who ask—what should my social media strategy be?

Would you be surprised if you hear that —“Social media is not a strategy. Social media is a venue for marketers … a set of technologies or tactics that enable us to elevate and amplify brands and their marketing communications.” At least, that’s what Anthony Young says in his Ad Age article, “Social Media is a Venue, Not a Strategy.” Being social out there is a must in today’s market. Therefore, Anthony Young makes sense by saying that the question shouldn’t be, “What’s our social-media strategy?” but, “What do I need to do to make my brand more social?

If you want to be the winning brand— you have to get the product messaging and communication strategy right. Social media should be taken as a single, thought-out, powerful part of a communication mix. You should know your audience, set realistic goals, as well as track your results. Click here, to get an idea of a successful social media campaign.

Have you incorporated social media within your marketing mix— any stories to share?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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