U.S. Cigarette Pack Marketing Change

The national attitude toward smoking has been changing rapidly over the past few years. It certainly varies from state to state, but in New York, smokers are not only banned from smoking in enclosed public places but now have to control themselves in parks and certain beach areas. Soon they might be banned from smoking on sidewalks as a result of the many complaints from nonsmokers tired of inhaling secondhand smoke while walking. But the struggle to encourage smokers to quit and prevent children from starting doesn’t end there.

The biggest change to cigarette packaging in more than 25 years is about to arrive: a new warning. In accordance with a 2009 federal tobacco law, cigarettes can’t be sold in the U.S. after Oct. 22, 2012, without packaging featuring one of nine large, graphic images selected by the FDA. We are talking about images of a corpse, cancerous lungs, bad teeth, a man inhaling smoke through a hole in his neck, disturbing baby images, tears … Pretty unsettling, if you ask me. Each pack must include one of these images along with the punch line “Smoking can kill you.” The image will be covering the packaging for the most part, leaving about 50%  of the pack for the brand’s design.

Click and see for yourself!

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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