Spotlight: Margaret O’Connell Library (Part 1)

At Vanguard Direct, 99% right is 100% wrong. This is why continuing education is a very important aspect of being an employee at Vanguard Direct. We have stated before that our continuing education system was designed to encourage our employees to constantly improve their knowledge and skills––the basis of our leadership position in the industry. The Margaret O’Connell Library was created in 2006 as a way for the company to invest in its staff. The marketing and communications industry is forever changing, and our team always stays ahead of the curve.

We spoke with Chief Operating Officer Ralph Fucci, who has been developing this training program since 2001 using Total Quality Management goals to improve customer service through continuous training. Ralph explained to us that “the goal of continuing education and the library is to enhance technical and communication skill sets to provide exceptional customer service.” The program helps employees to improve their written and verbal skills as well. Ralph Fucci and our senior management team are always trying to refresh the program, so it continues to improve and evolve.

The library is dedicated to the mother of the company’s owners, Bob and Don O’Connell. The Margaret O’Connell Library was launched in March 2006 in her memory, as she always pushed her sons to do well in school and to continue learning. She stressed how important education was, and Bob and Don hope to pass that on to the Vanguard Direct staff.

Now our NYC team has a collection of more than 150 books and videos to use as resources. Each of our outer offices also has a dedicated library. New items are added when suggested by staff or management. Many of the books are not necessarily work-related but deal with self-improvement ideas that can be applied to personal lives as well as the work environment. Continually improving employee education and knowledge gives us the tools to make projects 100% right. That’s a philosophy we can proudly stand behind.

Authors: Stephanie Huston & Dustin Hill


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