And now for something completely different!

As one who appreciates innovations in new media I am excited about Google+ and am looking forward to the full roll out which is scheduled for the not too distant future.  I have had an opportunity to see the product in the early testing phase and after using it, I foresee a myriad of exciting possibilities from a personal as well as consumer and business stand points in the application.

Simply put, the functions of Google+ allow users to make the on-line connection seem more like a real world one by creating communities that mirror those in real life.  An interactive tour of Google+  details five key features:

o Circles which let users share different things with different people thus ensuring that the right information is shard with the “right” people. Circles make it easy to put
friends in one circle, parents in another, and colleagues  in a third.
o Hangouts which facilitate online meet ups between users and friends (or entire circles) in real time.
o Instant Upload which eliminates the frustrations and hassles currently associated with on-line photo and video upload.
o Sparks which serves as a web concierge that sends the user customized content specific to preselected interests.
o Huddle which allows multiple users to merge different conversations into a single group chat.

And what of its application to the business community? Brands go to where the customers are and this emerging social technology looks to be something completely different that consumers will flock to as the next best thing in technology.  Take the tour and see for yourself!

Author: Paul Wry


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