Spotlight: Margaret O’Connell Library (Part 2)

Last week we discussed how continuing education is a very important aspect of being an employee at Vanguard Direct. We have stated before that our continuing education system is designed to encourage our employees to constantly improve their knowledge and skills––the basis of our leadership position in the industry.

The Margaret O’Connell library was created in 2006 as a way for the company to invest in its staff. The marketing and communications industry is forever changing, and our team always stays ahead of the curve.

Many of the books in our library deal with ways to change behavior. These include attitude, peer relationships, motivation, and surviving in a cubicle environment. As we see it, reading a book that improves your technical skills is beneficial to both the employee and the company. Reading a book that involves behavior modification to improve your outlook and relationships at work and in your personal life makes for a happier, healthier employee in all aspects.

Around 95% of Vanguard Direct’s employees participate in the continuing education system. This includes employees in our outer offices and warehouse––we even have books available in Spanish. Of the 95% of employees who participate, 90% achieve an A rating on their annual performance appraisal, which includes a continuing education factor. Each year, many employees far exceed the requirement for an A rating!

Employees are allowed up to three hours a month on company time to spend in the library or working on their continuing education. We have a plethora of options for gaining continuing education credit: books, plant tours, webinars, videos, attending and giving presentations, conferences, etc. This formal training program is evaluated twice a year as part of employee performance reviews in July and December.

Let us know if you have any book/webinar/conference suggestions for our employees’ continuing education program. We are always looking to expand and improve.

Authors: Stephanie Huston & Dustin Hill


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