Save Your Client-Agency Relationship

Changes in technology have been good for the most part, for our personal lives as well as for businesses. All the tweeting, texting, Skyping, and emailing has affected our productivity in ways that are more positive than negative. But hiding behind a gadget is not always the best idea. How do you a build meaningful relationship online?! A client will most often hire an agency not only for its good work and reputation but also for its likability––built through a relationship.

Lucrative business relationships are built on reliance, self-confidence, supportiveness, and success on both ends. These relationships require ongoing effort and are very important for future growth. They are complex and necessitate cooperation to be effective. The client and the agency both need to be present and active in building a relationship, monitoring the level of trust, belief, and consideration. If you fail to connect with the client, this is an issue. Continuous and open communication can build a true client-agency relationship that technology––no matter how advanced––just can’t provide.

So go out there and follow these tips from agency consultant Judy Neer:
•    In-person creative briefings/kickoff meetings
•    Creative concept “check-ins”
•    Picking up the phone … to speak, not text

For a more detailed explanation, read this AdAge article by Judy Neer!

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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