Vanguard Direct Participates in Social Media Healthcare Forum

Last week, Vanguard Direct sent a member of Utterly Orange to a forum on Social Communications and Healthcare at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. This forum brought together a variety of people within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well as the agencies that work for them. Several case studies were presented, and roundtable discussions were held.

Each case study, introduced by the organization involved with each project, showcased how social communications were used to reach patients and consumers. Among the cases discussed were “How To Use Social Media to Engage with Physicians Online,” “Connecting Both Healthcare Professionals and Consumers Through Social Strategies,” and “Showcasing Sustainability Through Social Communications.”

During the presentations, a large video screen behind the presenters showed the live Twitter feed. The hashtag #bd1 was used for all tweets pertaining to the event. Audience members were able to engage with each other as well as the event organizers, discussing the presentations as they were happening.

The roundtable discussions were led by the presenters of the case studies. Our Vanguard representative sat in on discussions that included “Measuring/Monitoring Social Media” and “Social Communication for Hospitals.”

Vanguard Direct has a lot of experience with the healthcare industry, and this forum was an excellent way to learn more about how to help our customers navigate the ever-changing world of social media.

If you’re participating in social media, let us know what you think about the changing dynamics of this new medium and its impact in the Healthcare field- we’d like to hear from you!

Author: Dustin Hill


One response to “Vanguard Direct Participates in Social Media Healthcare Forum

  1. Would LOVE to hear some of the success stories presented in the case studies. Want to share?

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