Three Fun, Nontraditional Outdoor Ads: Vote For Your Favorite!

I’m always amazed by the creativity that abounds out there. I was having an in-depth conversation with a coworker about creativity and the amazing ideas that come from so many places. We were talking about a few favorites that came to mind. Here are three really fun outdoor/non-traditional pieces that stood out. Enjoy!

Is it possible to view this ad without laughing? The questions that come to my mind are: How much was the media cost for this? How do you get a city agency to agree to this? Costs and logistics aside, the idea is genius. I just hope it doesn’t distract the drivers too much!

An oldie, but a goodie. This ad, created by Draft FCB, made a ton of headlines. Be sure to check out the video below. The Oreo, placed on an elevator, replicated the action of dunking whenever the elevator returned to the ground floor. If my knowledge of New York locations can be trusted, it looks like the inside of the Manhattan Mall near Herald Square (a terrible mall, by the way, but a really fun ad to distract consumers from the lack of useful shops).





As much as I love this ad, I wonder what the original intent was. The Economist, a newsmagazine with a soft spot for free trade, limited government, and the highly intelligent, doesn’t make it super clear with this ad. Or maybe I just don’t get it. There’s certainly a cerebral sort of nod here, but the light bulb turning on typically represents a new idea. Is it suggesting that the person walking by the billboard is getting one from reading The Economist? Is it trying to say that The Economist is born from new ideas from readers like us? Or is it simply a metaphor for a magazine that is filled with new ideas? There is some uncertainty as to why the light bulb is blinking on. Then again, maybe its intent was for a simple peon like me to get lost in the possible translations. In which case, well played, The Economist, well played.

Author: Eric Swenson


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