Are You a Micromanager?

You are if you:

• Refuse to accept teamwork
• Oversee projects at all times
• Correct details instead of concentrating on the big picture
• Make decisions on your own

Why do certain people act this way? Well, entrepreneurs are doers. They love to take action. Entrepreneurs are the foundation of businesses, and at times they get stuck micromanaging instead of working with others. Micromanaging affects creativity. It affects the business. Micromanaging is bad. It kills team spirit and enthusiasm.

In an article on American Express’s OPEN Forum blog, entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal columnist Mike Michalowicz warns that you should never micromanage:

1. Creativity personnel
2. Contractors
3. Delegated tasks
4. Sales teams
5. Administrators

So what should you do instead of micromanaging?

Hire people who can get the job done on their own. Be a motivator. Positive feedback will most likely result in a positive outcome. Always listen.

A post on Brass Tack Thinking offers some interesting tips on how to respond to bosses with micromanagement tendencies:

1. Listen carefully.
2. Communicate like crazy.
3. Ask for input.
4. Offer feedback.
5. Turn it to them.
6. Learn their tendencies
7. Pick your battles.
8. Reward good behavior.
9. Look in the mirror.

You can read the entire post here:

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Author: Marina Kaljaj


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