What’s a Good Radio Marketing Strategy?

How effective is radio advertising? Depending on the business, radio can be a great, cost-effective way to reach a wide-ranging number of potential customers. Just like any other form of advertising––if done right––it can be a big asset to a business. Here are a few things to consider when creating a radio ad:

  • Target – Understand your audience.
  • Cost – Determine airtime and production costs.
  • Schedule – Advertise when your target audience listens.
  • Number of Words – Focus on the main idea.
  • Sound – Entertain the audience.

Writing effective radio ad copy is mandatory. It works best when there is a sense of urgency in people’s minds. Terms such as “must end soon” or “weekend only” are proven to work well in radio advertising. Media account executive Rik Ferrell offers these six steps to successful radio advertising:

1. Determine your commercial’s length.

2. Plan what you want to say.

3. Use a strong opening statement.

4. Include key attributes and your company’s personality.

5. Use effective contact information.

You can read more of his suggestions here.

In order to create a successful radio marketing strategy, it’s best if the message is simple. The commercial should:

  • Be an attention grabber (whether through humor or sound)
  • Talk about benefits (not features)
  • Emphasize value (to keep the listener interested)
  • Ask the listener to take an action (which should be easy to remember)
  • Repeat over and over (the average person will need to hear an ad 11 times before he or she actually listens to it)

Have you used radio advertising in your marketing mix? If so, tell us how.

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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