How Well Do You Give/Cope With Design Criticism?

Critical dialogue when creating a design project is as important as the design process itself. Good design criticism concentrates on goals and outcomes. Constructive comments are meant to make the design better. Basically, when well executed, criticism could be described as an art form––one of the most beneficial elements of the process when a graphic designer is doing something creative. Criticism and critiques can easily be used in the wrong way, however, which can lead to disaster.

Some of us are shy, while others are blunt and outspoken. Criticism is often as difficult to give as it is to receive (we use the verb “criticize” mainly in a negative sense). Since criticism is unavoidable and most likely a key to client happiness, it’s best to be constructive in your criticism.

When criticizing, make sure to include a thorough evaluation and judgment. It’s not about whether you like or don’t like something. Instead, try the following:

  • Before you speak, know your objective.
  • Separate personal preferences from abstract analysis.
  • Involve thinking through solutions.
  • Try giving positive-negative-positive feedback.
  • Make it a team effort.
  • Always end your conversations with a positive note.

What if you find yourself on the opposite end; what’s the best way to receive criticism?

Kareen Liez on offers the following tips:

  1. Have self-confidence.
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Distinguish the type of criticism.
  4. Control your anger.
  5. Be humble.
  6. Use your intellect.
  7. Do not panic.
  8. Do not take it personally.
  9. Clarify the intention.
  10. Remember that you still have your freedom.

To read more on how to best receive criticism, just click HERE.

How well do you give/cope with design criticism?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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