Can Apple Trump Hallmark With Cards?

John Carew wrote a few weeks ago about the release of the new iPhone 4s coupled with the updated software, iOS5. Along with this new operating system comes a new app called Cards. Cards, developed by Apple, is used to design, print, and mail out cards from your iOS device to anyone in the world. Those of you now thinking to yourselves, “Apple is getting into the printing business?” will be shocked to know that Apple has been offering printed materials since it launched iPhoto in 2002. Since then, Apple has offered printed photos, books, calendars, and other materials that you can generate with one click from iPhoto. But Cards is different––it’s simply Apple genius innovation to make our lives easier and more beautiful at the same time.

So what is Cards? Cards is an application on your iOS device that allows you to send out a tangible card to anyone in the world. But, it’s not just any card. These cards are beautiful, letterpress-printed shells made of 100% cotton. You can pick a photo from your photo library and place it on the front, personalize the message on the inside, place the address on the envelope, and Apple will pop it in the mail for you. You can go from taking the photo to submitting the order in less than a few minutes. I tried it out myself––sent a picture of my daughter to my mother––and the reaction was priceless. Needless to say, my mother will keep this card for the rest of her life, and will most likely start sending out her own!

The coolest part about this app is the thought that went into the process. One, Apple uses the best materials and printing processes known to man to create the product. Two, Apple allows you to personalize the card to your liking in a quick and easy way. Three, Apple integrates the IMB barcode on each piece so you get a notification of when the card will deliver. And best of all, a card costs less than the average Hallmark card! Apple cards will cost $2.99 domestic and $4.99 international. I don’t know if I will ever send another Hallmark card through the mail. You can practically send a card anywhere in the world for less than you can pick up a generic card from the Hallmark store.

So, only one question remains: When will you send out your first Card?

Author: John Mehl


2 responses to “Can Apple Trump Hallmark With Cards?

  1. TJ,
    Pretty cool stuff…I love it! Does Droid have an app available doing the same thing?
    Paul G.

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