Adobe News

Adobe announced yesterday that it will be restructuring in the upcoming months and shifting its focus “to better align resources around Digital Media and Digital Marketing.” The company will be laying off 750 people in North America and Europe, and will stop development of its Flash Player for mobile devices. Moving forward, the company will be shifting money toward HTML5-based products like Dreamweaver, Edge and PhoneGap—an open-source mobile development framework that was acquired by Adobe last month. Flash will continue to be developed for the PC experience, including video and gaming. Adobe will also be focusing on its Digital Publishing Suite, which allows publishers to format their content for multiple devices. Adobe is not the only one to prognosticate the death of browser-based plug-ins for rich media on mobile devices; rumors are that Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash competitor, will be dropped in late November.

Do you think Steve Jobs was right back in April 2010, when he declared Flash an obsolete, doomed system? Is Flash dead?

Author: Susan Hallinan


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