What are the Qualities of a Good Website?

What exactly makes a website good?

The creation of a website might be categorized as art or design, but it is always an objective act. Websites can be described as good or bad, a verdict based not on opinion but on fact. No matter how cool your website looks, it needs to deliver a good customer experience or it will not be cool anymore. Online investment is quite important, and a website needs to be well thought out. There’s a very simple answer as to why a good website is important: Customers should get what they want. Web design can be crucial for a business––regardless of the industry––therefore customer expectations should be met. A strong online presence is a must; make sure your website has the elements of a good website.

Here are Key Elements of an Effective Website (per Spritz Web Solutions):

1. Appearance
2. Content
3. Functionality
4. Website Usability
5. Search Engine Optimization

To read more, click here: http://www.spritzweb.com/good-website-characteristics.html

Does your website possess the elements listed above?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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