Scodix Inkjet Spot UV––What?

Few know that Israel has invented and produced what I think is the most impressive digital printing equipment. First, came the Indigo digital press, and now comes Scodix. Scodix is a digital inkjet printer that can lay down clear gloss UV ink on preprinted sheets. So, what’s so cool about this?

Well to start, anyone in the industry knows the “wow” effect that spot UV has on the end user. But at the same time, everyone can attest to the “shock factor” when it comes to the cost! Needless to say, the traditional methods of applying spot UV have been reserved for plentiful marketing budgets and long offset runs. With a digital device like Scodix on the market, the Israelis are again changing the standards, much like digital print did to offset in the ’90s.

Scodix does a few cool things that traditional offset spot UV cannot:

  1. Economical short runs
  2. Variable content
  3. Variable depth, finish, surface area

The whole idea is that this technology can open up another dimension on print. As the VP of marketing, Ziki Kuly says best, “print has always been a two dimensional medium.” With the addition of this digital spot UV, Scodix is bringing print into the third dimension!

The real question is: Where can we implement this new technology to increase our return on investment?


Author: John Mehl


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