Technology News

In the upcoming week, these are some subjects you may find yourself talking about:

AT&T has activated its LTE (4G) service in New York City. When AT&T made an announcement earlier this month, it said that the rollout would begin very soon, but some users have noticed the LTE icon on their phones. AT&T has not announced the release, so the LTE connection may be temporary. This will not be changing the lives of people with 3G-only compatible phones, which includes all iPhones, but the new batch of Android phones will be able to take advantage of the blazing-fast speeds.

Google announced that its “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system will be included in the much-anticipated Galaxy launch on December 8. This will be the last mobile operating system to have a mobile Flash feature. I think this is an interesting turn of events, considering Adobe very recently announced that Flash is being discontinued––I did not think its end would come so soon.

Microsoft is moving away from its disastrous XP operating system, announcing that as of 2014 it will no longer issue security or software updates. At the same time, it offered previews of its Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft, like other software companies, is thinking past the PC, and the new operating system will be usable on tablets and mobile devices.

Author: Susan Hallinan


One response to “Technology News

  1. Windows XP a disaster? Hardly. XP was a solidly reliable, if boring, OS environment that showed up on time for work every day, sat quietly in the corner cubicle, did its work, and went home at 5:00 on the dot. You must be conflating XP with Windows Vista, the disasterosity of which was truly epic in scope.

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