How effective are your Call to Actions?

With any advertising materials, getting prospective customers to act now is a must. Call-to-actions are essential and should never be neglected. As the name entails, a call-to-action is a button or a link that directs visitors to take some sort of  action: download something, make a purchase, read an article, sign up for an email notification, etc. Color, language, size, font, web placements of CTA’s should be well thought out. A good CTA should be outstanding and let the user know what’s going to happen next. People like being led to a next step. They like easy and convenient, and CTA’s give them the chance for stress-free web navigation.

Magdalena Georgieva offers 10 best practices to optimize the language of CTA’s:

  • Convey Value
  • Create Urgency
  • Make it Personal
  • Include Testimonials
  • Include Numbers
  • Turn it Into a Bonus
  • Make it Newsworthy
  • Be Confident in Your Language
  • Ask Questions
  • Be Subtle

To read  more, click here!

How successful have your CTA’s been?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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