What Drives Word of Mouth?

Word of mouth (WOM) is common and very important in almost every industry. Consumers like to converse about the quality of their newly bought products as much as complain about them. They regularly give opinion on products or services online, ask for advice, and occasionally give advice to others. Customers greatly appreciate and will trust recommendations from friends. Certain products are talked about more than others, though. Why is that?

Entrepreneur Christopher M. Knight shares his top 7 ways to drive word of mouth sales:

1. Make sure your clients are happy first. Happy clients tell 3 friends, and we all know unhappy campers usually tell 15–20+.

2. ASK, ASK, ASK for referrals.

3. Make it easy for friends to refer friends. Put up a web page sign up where they can refer leads to you.

4. Every customer base has 1% that will “champion” you and your business. Identify who these folks are, and reward them appropriately.

5. Create a “word of mouth” program so that your entire staff knows the importance of this very low-cost vehicle to bring you new sales.

6. When sending out invoices or bills to your clients, include a small 1/3 piece of paper that asks them for the names of 1–3 friends who they know who might benefit from your service/product.

7. Rotate your promotions or specials––or reasons why to buy––more frequently, possibly on the day of each week your client is most likely buy.

Basically, an important aspect of viral marketing success is creating such outstanding products that people can’t help but talk about them. Do you have a WOM strategy?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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