AdForum’s Top 5 Commercials for This Week

Check out AdForum’s top five commercials for this week. Judging from these picks, it seems agencies are feeling the funny in all their special areas. All five ads have a dollop or more of humor to them—making this week’s Utterly Orange selection all that more challenging. Even the typically not-so-exciting Cheetos spot has a funnier-than-usual feel to it.

The ad by BMF Sydney, “Delivery Girls,” gets mad credit for a great tagline: Not as sweet as you think. It reminds me of the Mike’s Hard Lemonade campaign that tries to imply Mike’s is not just a girly, sweet drink.

I also loved the Wheat Thins ad whose script, when listened to carefully, is just the words Wheat Thins over and over again. Brilliant copywriting? Just maybe.

All that being said, the clear winner here is mcgarrybowen and its campaign for Crystal Light. Mcgarrybowen has been the agency to watch these past few years, winning awards (and accounts!) left and right. In the past 365 days or so, it has taken on Advil, United Airlines, and Reebok. And those are just the accounts I’m aware of. The Crystal Light ad is funny with a dash of clever. Although it appeals to women primarily (I assume part of the brief), it’s still funny to all. It’s no wonder mcgarrybowen has been so successful these days. You can’t fake great advertising.

Feel different? Cast your vote!

1. Cheetos – “Party” – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

2. Crystal Light – “Beach” – mcgarrybowen

3. LG – “Cheerleader” – DOJO

4. Toohey’s – “Delivery Girls” – BMF Sydney

5. Wheat Thins – “WHheat Thins” – BEING

Author: Eric Swenson


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