How Can a Brand Live Longer?

A brand exists in the minds of others as a collection of impressions, relations, and loyalty. There are three variables that affect a brand within a consumer’s mind: duration, passion, and positive/negative energy. A brand should be able to control these variables and therefore control its lifespan.

How can you guarantee brand longevity? You should understand the demographic you’re targeting, appeal to that demographic, and always work to uphold your company’s reputation. You want your customers to trust you as well as remember you (advertising, marketing, word of mouth). Last but not least, keep your customers on their toes––give them something new to look forward to. As media evolve over time, brands should, too.

Coca-Cola, Tiffany, Coach, Chanel, Holiday Inn, Campbell’s Soup, McDonald’s––these are all brands with longevity. I believe one of the main factors in ensuring lasting brand success is an internal drive to change and adapt. It’s all about human needs. If you give what people want, they will like you, want you, and remember you. Apple has been doing this since 1976. It has evolved, gotten better with each product, and given people what they want as well as what they didn’t know they want.

Weaker brands and brand managers will fade away unless changes are considered and made. What is a long-lasting brand that stands out in your mind?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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