Sassy Says: Get Your Bargains on Consumables, NOT Marketing Materials

People in my company think of me as the bargain queen. I know where to get a deal on just about everything. But when you are searching for bargains, you need to know what to splurge on and where to economize. I definitely don’t want half-price sushi (do you really want to take the chance that they are trying to get rid of the less-than-fresh stuff?), I don’t want to use Groupons for my medical care, and I don’t want to venture into areas where my knowledge is less than fluent looking for a deal.

This takes us to the marketing world. You can get business cards online for $1.99, but they are gang-run, you have no customer assistance, and what you get is what you get. Many people may think a $1.99 gamble is worth it. But is it? Many cultures and businesses take great pride in a business card. It serves not only to relay information, but almost as a certificate of honor and pride for what you do and the company you work for. People spend thousands at design firms conceptualizing the perfect business card, picking the perfect stock, ink, finish, etc.

There is an etiquette in some cultures for the presentation of a business card. The Japanese hold each corner and present it to the receiver. You would never just deal one out like we do here.

So I ask you, if this much thought and money is spent on a business card, what about the rest of your marketing materials? Don’t you want to be perceived as a sassy, forward-thinking company and not a cheap fly-by-night? Marketing materials, websites, and any other communication should always put your best business foot forward; potential clients make judgments on your company based on these items. Sometimes these materials are the first contact a person may have with your company. Making a great first impression is something I would never gamble with.

Remember: Shop around for the paper clips, glue sticks, and staples. Buy Groupons for the neighborhood office supply store and LivingSocial pizza deals for staff lunches. Visit the TKTS line for your discount theater tickets, shop the sample sales for amazing discounts in the city, and search websites for the cheapest gas in your area. But don’t scrimp on making a great first professional impression.

Author: Cari Frederico


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