The Solar Annual Report: Innovative Design

Working in marketing has its highs and lows. For years I used to revel in the experiences I had at different agencies: Beer Fridays, jeans to work five days a week, Thirsty Thursdays, themed parties, Margarita Mondays, and so on. While we had a good time—and apparently had to de-stress ourselves often—it wasn’t always fun and games. Eventually reality arrived, crashing our party.

Which brings me to my next point: Don’t annual reports just flat-out suck? As hard as I try, I can’t seem to find one endearing thing about them. That is, until now.

German-based ad agency Serviceplan came up with an innovative way to produce a client’s annual report. Austria Solar, a company primarily focused on, you guessed it, thermal solar systems and companies, worked with Serviceplan to create an ingenious annual report that uses the sun’s energy to reveal its content.

The text is printed using special phosphorescent inks that only appear when they have direct or near-direct contact with light. It’s a clever little way to connect the big-picture idea to the physical execution. Check out this video that shows some of the work:

And who says annual reports can’t be fun?

Author: Eric Swenson


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