Mountain Lion

Once upon a time, a small company named Apple introduced us to the Mac… I don’t think anyone at that time thought Apple would become the powerhouse that it currently is. These days, when Apple announces new devices or even looks to be releasing something new, it makes national news. We can expect a lot of media and consumer attention when Apple releases its next operating system: Mountain Lion.

A very early release was just given to tech reviewers. One of the biggest changes to the operating system is that it will have a similar look and feel to the iPhone and iPad, including:

Notification Center: a dark grey box that notifies you when emails and messages arrive and sends reminders from the calendar

Messages: replaces iChat and works and feels like the message app on the iPhone/iPad

PDF forms: can now be filled in from Preview

AirPlay: allows for wireless streaming of music and videos to any AirPlay device, including the Apple TV

Gatekeeper: the user chooses the level of security through System Preferences and can decide if the computer can install and run apps from Apple only, from trusted third-party developers, or from anyone

Author: Susan Hallinan


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