Merger of NAPL and PIA on the Horizon

Fresh on the heels of the Vision 3 Summit, the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) and Printing Industries of America (PIA) are deep into talks of merging. A task force comprised of many graphic communications leaders was selected to address the many issues involved with the proposed unification:

Laura Lawton, chair of PIA
Darren Loken, chair of NAPL
John Berthelsen, Suttle-Straus, Inc.
Tim Burton, Burton & Mayer, Inc.
Keith Kemp, Xerographic Digital Printing
Michael Makin, PIA
Joe Truncale, NAPL
Jules Van Sant, Pacific Printing Industries
Niels Winther, Think Patented
Nigel Worme, COT Media Group

Of course, there is a lot of buzz in our industry over this union, and current members of NAPL and PIA are encouraged to support their current association, as exact plans are not yet set for the merger. Since both of these associations are in the graphic communications industry, there is anxiety over what the new look and name for the association will be. Well, here is my suggestion: The National Association of Print Professionals International (and no, Don Imus didn’t help me come up with the acronym)! I hope you like it! Do you have any better suggestions?

Author: T. John Mehl


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