The Most Effective Magazine Ads of 2011


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What makes a magazine ad effective? When purchasing a magazine or a newspaper, we mostly look for the stories we are interested in reading. Magazines are not bought for the ads. It’s an indirect way of selling something. That’s why the placement of magazine advertising must be strategic. Advertising, whether in a magazine, newspaper, TV, or radio must be strong and an attention grabber. Good advertising speaks the consumer’s language in a significant way; it’s inspiring enough for consumers to take action and buy the products or service. How do you actually do that, when in today’s world you see as many as 1,000 ads in a single day?!

There are different ways to reach customers through print advertising. Details to consider when creating a print ad are: size, color, bleed, and positioning. The headline should be the most important part of the ad. If using an image, it must be captivating, whether in a humorous, sarcastic, or some other way. Never forget the offer: What’s in it for the customer?! Of course, the call to action should be prominent. Last but not the least, think of the target audience in order to chose the right publication.

To see the most effective magazine ads of 2011, click here.

I have recently booked a trip to Barcelona thanks to a Budget Travel ad. Do you have a story to share of when a magazine ad inspired you to take action?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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