AdForum’s Top 5 Commercials for This Week

Check out AdForum’s top five commercials for this week. We at Utterly Orange were really torn between a few of these. The fantastical, surreal nature of ACW Grey’s “Speed” campaign for Pelephone is just gorgeous—an Art Director’s dream (a literal pun indeed).

Hulu’s ad was fun, particularly since I always have a soft spot for Arrested Development’s Will Arnett. But I think this week’s winner is Ecotricity’s “Collapsing Cooling Towers,” created by Man + Hatchet.

This spot is simply a pleasure to watch. Using real footage of the destruction of nuclear and coal cooling towers, we see a straightforward CG overlay of animated faces, almost comical to watch. The music behind it really adds a level of pathos that pulls at our heartstrings on behalf of an important issue. It’s a spot that’s hard to forget—and with nearly 2.5 million views, you can see the impact it has had.

1. Pelephone – “Speed” – ACW Grey

2. Hornbach – “Festival” – HEIMAT Berlin

3. Ecotricity – “Collapsing Cooling Towers” – Man + Hatchet

4. MiO Energy – “Cheetah” – TAXI, New York


5. Hulu – “So Much Watching to Watch” – Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Author: Eric Swenson


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