What is LTE?

After months of rumors, Apple introduced the new iPad. It has been upgraded in several ways and now has better resolution, a better camera, and is 4G- or LTE-compatible––but what is LTE or 4G? 4G stands for the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards, and LTE is short for Long Term Evolution. 4G LTE was launched in the United States in 2010 by Verizon and AT&T, and continues to roll out today. In the world of mobile devices, LTE means speed, games that zoom, and videos that play without hesitation by using radio waves, allowing for more data to be transferred than in a 3G network. To oversimplify the LTE network, think of LTE as a superhighway that allows information to travel efficiently. Phone calls are considered a high priority and are less likely to be dropped, while higher–data load files like videos and games would get dedicated lanes that allow the information to travel smoothly along the “highway.”

Author: Susan Hallinan


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