Congress and Wireless industry make stolen phones worthless

An astounding 40% of all robberies in New York City are smartphones. They have high resale value, and also often carry personal information, like bank accounts and other ways for thieves to rob you. But on Tuesday, the FCC and all wireless carries will create a global data-base that will make this crime less attractive.  The new system would allow the smartphone to be disabled or bricked remotely, educate the public about the mobile apps that allow users to remotely lock or delete information on their phone or help the authorities to find the phone, like the NYC police favorite “find my phone”:

Cell phone manufacturers will also prompt users/owners to create a password, and take other steps to protect your data. If this seems a little extreme, a study by Symantic can be eye opening, Symantic placed 50 “lost” smartphones throughout several large cities. The smartphones have software that allowed the company to monitor what happened to them once found. Their experiment revealed:

• 89% of the phones were accessed for personal information, including 72% had photos viewed

• 43% had banking information open

• 57% looked at a list containing logins/and passwords

And in the end only 50% of the phones were actually returned. How do you feel about the new plan?

Author: Susan Hallinan


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