Communication Arts’ 17th Annual Interactive Annual Awards

Communication Arts’ interactive annual winners were selected in this month’s 17th edition of the competition. This year’s panel of jurors spent 10 weeks sifting through and discerning the best 35 projects to be showcased—a job I do not envy.

The projects were divided into five categories: Advertising, Information Design, Entertainment, Self-Promotion and Experimental.

There are some really amazing projects that are worth checking out. Visit the site here for more.

A few picks:


Per Communication Arts: “Overview: When Forever 21 claimed the iconic Virgin Record store in Times Square as its new flagship location, its goal was to stop the 500,000 daily passersby dead in their tracks. The result is a digital display that’s the center of attention on pop culture’s biggest stage. The billboard is broken into multiple LED surfaces at the heart of which is a high-definition main display that features a rotating schedule of content and models that interact over a live video feed of pedestrians. A companion Web site served as a means to connect the Forever 21 community. The online hub allowed users to see the billboard live, real-time tweets and fashion/culture tips that match the brand’s youthful, fast-moving image.”


Per Communication Arts: “Overview: During the holiday season, consumers are jaded by the glut of shallow and meaningless marketing tactics from corporations. Starbucks stood out from the clutter with this multimedia campaign that raised awareness and donations for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. On December 7, 2009, musicians in 156 countries sang All You Need Is Loveat exactly the same time. The performances were streamed onto screens at an event and broadcast live at and a video featuring all the performances was posted on YouTube. The entire Internet audience was encouraged to get involved in multiple visitor-participation options, each resulting in a donation from Starbucks, including participating in the worldwide sing-along and contributing to a crowdsourced tapestry of Love Drawings.”


Per Communication Arts: “Overview: LEGO Photo, available free at the iTunes App Store, was a component of the 2010 LEGO Cl!ck campaign and the first official iPhone application for LEGO. The app works with saved images on the iPhone and iPod touch and lets consumers immortalize their favorite images in LEGO form. Users can simply choose a photo from an existing gallery or point the camera to snap a photo then touch the screen to watch their masterpiece build. Additional screen taps show each portrait in nine different color palettes. And, celebrating the portraits is easy; users can upload them to social networking pages, e-mail or print them and tweet them using #legoclick.”

Author: Eric Swenson


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