You got it right: she is chopping an onion with an extremely large knife, on a really big cutting board, on the unstable Queens-bound N train in New York City. And trust me––it’s a shaky train ride. I take it to work every day. It makes quite a few bumpy turns during my half-hour commute; when this happens, you’d better hold on. Using a knife on this rocky subway is definitely not the smartest idea. Plus, aren’t knifes forbidden in public?! Well, maybe that’s the reason she got my attention.

Living in NYC, I see a fair share of “performance art” on the subway. It does put a smile on my face for the most part, although I rarely talk about anything I saw once I go above ground. But this lady “dressed to impress” in a little black dress caught my eye.


Take a look at the video:

and let’s get creative: How far would you go for attention?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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