Landa Corporation Introduces New Technology That Will Change the Printing Industry!

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a big announcement coming out of Drupa 2012 about nanographic printing technology. Well, it’s here! Landa, the company that gave us Indigo, has brought us what could be the next industry-changing technology in printing. There has always been a gap between short-run digital and long-run offset. Landa has come to market trying to fill this gap.

So what is nanography, and why is it so cool? Well, let’s start with the roots: “nano” is derived from the Greek word νaνος [ná:nos], which means “dwarf,” so we know it is small. “Graphic” comes from the ancient Greek word γραφικός [graphikos], meaning “belonging to a painting or drawing.” Now we know that we are talking about very small graphics. This is where nanography changes everything. The pigment size these new presses use is about 100,000 times smaller than a human hair! The color precision that Landa machines can achieve is remarkable. The printing process is very similar to that of digital printing. Billions of nano-ink droplets adhere to water droplets on a belt, and as they spin around the belt, the water evaporates, leaving the nano-ink on an ultra-thin polymeric film that can be transferred to virtually any substrate––coated, uncoated, paper, plastic, or even metal.

Landa has debuted six presses at Drupa, three sheet-fed and three web-fed––all with speeds comparable to traditional offset presses and with outstanding industrial design and very small footprints. In the sheet-fed arena, you have B1, B2, and B3 sizes. In web, you have 22″, 40″, and 22″ perfecting presses. More in-depth details can be found at WhatTheyThink.

Nanotechnology has been around for years, but this is the first time we have seen it introduced in printing. Landa has taken into account every aspect of printing on these new machines: quality, efficiency, sustainability, and even interface and workflow. I urge you to read more about Landa because you will be using its technology in the future!

Are you excited yet?

Author: John Mehl


One response to “Landa Corporation Introduces New Technology That Will Change the Printing Industry!

  1. Nanographic Printing Technology… That’s Utterly a mouthful I must declare! Short-run digital and long-run offset. Landa—the wave of the future!

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