Ideas Worth Sharing – How TED Can Help You

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a Direct Marketing Club of New York luncheon held at the Yale Club. It was really an honor to hear a few industry leaders discuss the knowledge and insight they have accrued over their many years.

Patrick Fultz, President and CCO of DM Creative Group, claims to read––on average––three hours of industry-related material per day. I won’t question the veracity of his statement but instead extend my kudos for finding the time. As for the rest of us, it seems nearly impossible to keep up with day-to-day work and also find time to learn about the world outside our soul-sucking pod-o’-death cubicles.

If you’re lucky enough to work in a profession you have a passion for and yet rarely have time to keep up with what that industry is doing, you really are missing out. The operational mundanity of our daily tasks takes the wind right out of our creative sails. It’s sad if you think about it.

TEDTalks hope to inspire. And while it’s hard to find the time, if you can, I recommend you check out some of these amazing presentations. These talks help remind me why I’m in marketing. But more than that, you can find awe-inspiring talks about topics you never knew existed. It’s incredibly fascinating and impossible to describe here. Instead, here are a few must-watch marketing and advertising talks that may apply to those reading this post.

Wanna understand more clearly how Apple does what it does so well? Wanna know how to make your business generate more revenue and sell better products? “The Golden Circle” by Simon Sinek helps show why most people approach business the wrong way.

“Life Lessons From an Ad Man.” Need I say more?

Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell are two of the most influential voices of our era. Pioneers and just flat-out smart dudes. Be sure to listen to everything they have to say (and read their books!).

Author: Eric Swenson


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