AdForum’s Top 5 Commercials for This Week

Check out AdForum’s top five commercials for this week. It was apples and oranges this week—all of the ads had something really interesting to say, from the funny (Bloemen’s “Screwed” ad) to the clever (Flying Horse Energy Drink’s “Cat-Toast” ad) to the powerful (Road Safety Authority’s “View” ad, which was––as one of those ideas you’re sure you’ve seen before––really great).

Despite not being in English, Ice Dew’s “Rehydration” ad was a really fun take on the “60% of your body is made up of water” factoid.

Have a favorite? Cast your vote and post!

1. – “Screwed” – Publicis

2. Ice Dew – “Rehydration” – Bartle Bogle Hegarty Shanghai

3. Flying Horse – “Cat-Toast” – Ogilvy Brasil Comunicação Ltda.

4. Road Safety Authority – “View” – Irish International

5. Strongbow – “Push It” – St. Luke’s Communications

Author: Eric Swenson


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