Graphic Design Show on Governor’s Island: May 26–September 3

Minneapolis continues to play the under-the-radar-but-we’re-cool-with-that design game. It might be my personal biases, but the creativity that comes out of this city is top-notch. From architecture to fashion, music, design, and modern art, I consider the innovators in Minneapolis to be the unsung leaders of the arts.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Walker Art Center—the MoMA of Minneapolis—helped organize (with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum) “Graphic Design—Now in Production.” This exhibition, which runs from May 26 to September 3 on Governor’s Island, is a showcase of graphic design work––magazines, TV/film, typography, information design, branding––dating back to 2000.

The angle is simple: graphic design is powerful. It’s so powerful that it can change what we believe as well as prompt social change. The power to persuade using text and images has infiltrated our culture for years. The exhibit demonstrates the extent of graphic design’s reach by showing the impact and influence designers, entrepreneurs, and storytellers have had on society in recent years.

There are also a slew of controversial stories that range from typography in design (the trashing of Helvetica) to social media (dubbed a “method of surveillance and social control”). Essentially, it’s the perfect balance of cool design, social intrigue, and industry insight.

The show is free and is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Hope to see you there.

Author: Eric Swenson


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