The Devil Is in the Details

Does your job need a perforation? Maybe a spot varnish? Does your label need consecutive numbering? What type of surface material is the label being used on? Did you remember to tell your vendor these details?

A good vendor will ask you these questions and sometimes many more. The basic list of specifications isn’t that long, but for certain products, the specifics are many. Label printing, for example, has many specifics. Face slit vs. back slit. Permanent vs. removable adhesive. Flat sheets vs. rolls. Outdoor use vs. indoor use. All of these specifications must be known at the start of the project.

The toughest part of our job is trying to “assume” we know what you need. We don’t. And if you don’t tell us, whose fault is it when the finished product is missing that vital detail? Even the best vendor might overlook asking the right question. Be as precise as you can when submitting specifications for a project. If you are not sure a particular application is necessary, ASK.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Author: Doreen Doyle


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