6 Train Ad Wrap – NEW for the MTA!

Have you seen/ridden the 6 train lately? The latest and greatest from the MTA’s advertising department is the 6 train ad wrap.

Subway wrap advertising can be a great way to reach an extensive cross section of consumers. As with everything else, subway wrap advertising has its advantages and disadvantages. From a positive perspective, subway wraps are a great idea, as they do stand out and people will most likely remember them. They definitely have the potential to cut through the ad clutter. People will most likely talk about the wrap, creating buzz, and a lot of people ride the subway on a daily basis. Surely it’s not just about the number of people riding the subway, though, but also about hitting the right demographic with the messaging. That is one of the challenges. Also, subway wraps can be seen as an invasion of commercialism, creating a negative vibe, but as I said, there will always be potential drawbacks.

I’ve seen the shuttle train between Grand Central and Times Square wrapped in various advertisements before, but never the 6 train. A few days ago I stepped into a 6 train fully wrapped in Swatch ads, and I must admit, it grabbed my attention. Not because I thought it looked amazing or breathtaking or made me run to the Swatch store. I simply found it cool. Refreshing. Out of the norm. Colorful. Fun. Made me smile. And I am positive someone in that full train car must have gotten a new Swatch by now. Now that I think of it, my cell phone has been my “watch” for the last ten years. Do people really buy watches as they used to?!

New Yorkers are pretty opinionated. Let’s see some comments they have made online about the 6 train ad wrap:

I has constantly amazed me that the MTA hasn’t already done this system-wide instead of hiking fares every few months.

yes, please mta – ads everywhere, we don’t care. anything you can do to make some extra money so these fare hikes/service cuts stop

I came to say this. I really do not care about the ads. Most of them are surprisingly well done and don’t bother me at all. More ads and less fare hikes please!

As long as it’s not a subway sized ad with Dr. Zizmor’s face I’m all for it.

When it comes to adverts on the subway, it’s not so bad here. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve been to some Asian countries. It’s advertisement overload.

I don’t mind this at all, especially if it actually provides revenue. It looks sort of… modern.

Good. I don’t know why they didn’t do this years, decades, ago. Now let’s wrap all the trains on all the lines in ads. Make some money & stop raising fares.

WOW I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad move… Now watch the graffiti artists go back to work thinking that the MTA thinks it’s ok to paint subway cars… Geeze MTA you are soo smart…

it’s all about $$.


From a distance, it kind of looks like what the subway cars used to look like back in the 70s and 80s.

I don’t care how many ads (or even graffitti) you allow on as long as the trains run ON TIME for a change and I don’t have to pay even more than we’re already paying. Not having to wait 30mins for a bus in Bklyn (for the people who use them) would be nice too. So go ahead and sell out, but get your ship together while you’re at it.

2011 and back to the 80’s type graffitti trains AGAIN>>……. do i really freaking want to see Ad’s on the outside of the train ….NOT!


Very cute…I was on it yesterday

Yei thats so Cool all tohough the graffiti ones looks cooler cuz they represente NYC =D

I like the idea. The more money that they raise through ads, the less they have to raise the fare.

new york is the best 🙂

It just LOOKS tacky!

That is awesome. It’s a breath of fresh and colorful air. Bring it on. Wrap ’em with color!

more moving ad wraps are neccesary and will make the subway cars not dull.

Fantastic! How long will this last? Great idea for revenue. Very well done.

Seriously though, anything that is different to look at (advertising most certainly counts) and ads revenue is fine with me.

I love it! I rode on that train going to work yesterday morning and the colors are great and work on that 6 train. I hope the MTA does this to more trains in the system as the year continues on and they need to wrap the buses too. They’ll make even more money that way, especially if it brings in more revenue to the system and keeps th fares down a bit and keeps service in place.

I just love the swatch train….somehow it gives you a lift in the morning to see all the bright colors….the MTA should continue to wrap the trains and also the buses this way they can stop constantly harassing us for more money…unfortunately, the MTA would probably waste the proceeds as they usually do….

Yes. It’s a brilliant idea to use a subway train to advertise your timepieces. Because the subways in New York run like clockwork.

This is ridiculous, honestly. Why does it take so much time just to wrap another train? If MTA is really so cash starved, then wrap every darned subway car all the time and generate real revenue. And do it right now. This is such a non-big deal that they are still ‘experimenting’ after all the previous ‘successful’ (I would guess) ad placements.

Remember their stupid idea of covering the windows in wrap instead of the car bodies?

They’re not that cash hungry after all…

In an interview a few years ago, Zizmor said he barely gets new clientele from the subway nowadays – he keeps advertising because otherwise his clients would think he’s retired.

Tough crowd out there. What do You think of the subway wrap advertising?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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