AdForum’s Top 5 Commercials for This Week

Take a look below at AdForum’s top five commercials for this week. There was a nice range of spots that had various appeals to the psyche. In general, we found them to be both artistic and funny.

The Amul Milk ad was a CGI wonder. Maybe it’s not the most original of ideas—having liquid form objects—but because of my serendipitously timed James Bond marathon this past weekend, it got me thinking of The World Is Not Enough’s opening credits and the liquid ladies in that. Admittedly, however, I found the black leather liquid Bond girls much more enjoyable to view than the one made out of milk.

That being said, is it strange to anyone else that Amul Milk is a sponsor of the Olympics? Are Olympians really drinking milk before an event? And how do milk companies have such large budgets that they can both sponsor the Olympics and also create what seems to be a highly expensive CGI ad? While you ponder those brain busters, I’ll move on.

Since we’re on the subject of women, this week’s Playboy magazine ad “Barber” is just really funny. The music, art direction, and cleverness of it all make perfect sense for the tone of Playboy. Sure, taste may have a factor in your feelings toward it, but if you have the sense to laugh about our culture and all of its absurd definitions of beauty, you’ll probably enjoy this spot.

Have a favorite? Take a look at these five and let us know what you think!

1. Playboy Magazine – “Barber” – Y&R


2. Amul Milk – “Amul Milk Olympics” – Draftfcb+Ulka India


3. New York Lottery – “Zombies” – DDB


4. Burger 21 – “21st Burger” – Red Tettemer, Inc.


5. WWF – “Cycle for Life” – Euro RSCG Sydney


Author: Eric Swenson


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