Top 5 Tech Stories

In the upcoming week, here are some subjects you may find yourself talking about:

Two Apple rumors: The New York Times published an article that said a 7-inch version of the iPad was in the works, and another source leaked an image of the front plate of the upcoming iPhone. If true, the new iPhone would have a 4-inch screen.

Yahoo has a new CEO, again: Marissa Mayer is replacing Scott Thompson. She was one of Google’s most well-known executives, in charge of Google location products, and has a big challenge ahead of her: making Yahoo relevant again.

Microsoft has updated Office: Earlier this week, Microsoft released Office 2013 (or Office 15). It is Windows 8–compatible and allows users to switch between two interfaces––desktop and touch––allowing it to be used on tablets, including Microsoft’s upcoming tablet: Surface.

Google’s self-driving car: This car recently passed its Nevada driving test, having been road-tested in Carson City and Las Vegas, and Google predicts it will be available in our lifetime.

Also in our lifetime, the Internet Cat Video Film Festival: The public is encouraged to nominate their favorite videos by July 30. The festival will take place on August 30 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Author: Susan Hallinan


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