Angels, Safe Hands, and the Potential of Interactive Advertising

These days it’s hard to get your message across. With the amount of advertisements and information a person is exposed to on any given day, it all starts to become white noise. Sure, you can bombard me with half-naked girls and shiny cars, but there are so many half-naked women on television these days that I tend to tune it out (unless it’s Heidi Klum, of course). What really grabs my attention is not only a really impressive ad, but one I can interact with. These ads are not only creative and unique, but also encourage interaction and engage the consumer. What a compelling idea! If you can get consumers to not only notice your advertisement but interact with it as well, the chances of them remembering it are huge. To show you what I’m talking about, here are two examples that were very impressive––I must say, they blew my mind.

Axe Body Spray

The above video was an ad for Lynx/Axe body spray inside London’s Victoria Station. Remember what I said about being bombarded with girls? This ad literally bombards people with “angels” on an overhead screen, making the virtual women appear to be standing right next to the passerby. What a bright idea––as you can see from the video, everyone loved it. People of all ages wanted to get on the screen with the angel.

Sweden’s Safest Hands

Swedish Post – Sweden’s Safest Hands from Ourwork on Vimeo.

This campaign takes a more subtle approach than just throwing girls at people, but it is just as effective. Here the Swedish Post created an app to promote how efficient and safe it is. It turned its advertisement into a competition via a smartphone app, getting people involved and offering real prizes to the winners. Just a brilliant idea––who doesn’t like winning prizes?

It’s clear that companies are increasingly using and incorporating technology into their ads and products. There is such constant change in technology and advertising right now that to try to keep up is a lot of work. Looking at these two examples, it is clear that there are tons of innovative, great ideas out there that are just waiting to be explored.

Will you be next to really embrace this technology and create something innovative?

Author: Rory Jacob


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